First steps: Canon EOS 600D

One of the things I want to try with the new camera is sports photography. I have always been disappointed with the results when I used a compact camera to take pictures of my football teams in action. In late January I went along to see my team, Regents Park Rangers, beat Newham Women in a cup game.

I really enjoyed experimenting with the new zoom lense. Somehow the camera took two pictures every time I pressed the shutter button. This was unintended but produced some interesting results because of the slight time delay between the two shots (see the pictures of a corner kick being taken as an example).
I got quite carried away taking pictures and didn’t really follow the game in the first half. However, just before half time the battery gave up and I learned my first lesson: always charge the battery before going out! The second lesson is that the zoom lense requires a lot more battery power and I may have to invest in a second battery at some stage.

I mainly used the automatic settings for fast moving objects. I am impressed that the pictures are pretty clear rather than blurred and am quite pleased with the results. The next challenge is to capture the ball in the action shots. That is quite difficult when you are focusing on one or two people and hope that the ball comes their way!


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