A day in Glasgow

We both had not spent much time in Glasgow before and decided that we would stay there for a night before heading back to London. The main hostel was fully booked so we went for one a little bit further out which proved to be a great decision.

We stayed in the West End, which is the area around the university and near Kelvingrove Park with the art gallery and museum of the same name. Our train from Fort William arrived at 3.40pm. We dropped our bags at the hostel and managed to get into the Kelvingrove Museum for half an hour before it closed.

I had read that the museum has a gallery on Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style. We both didn’t know much about it, although I remember than Mackintosh was mentioned in some of the major V&A exhibitions I have seen a few years ago. It was a great idea as we really liked the style and decided to go to the Glasgow School of Arts in the morning to see if we could get onto one of their tours.

From outside the Kelvingrove Museum we saw the masts of the tall ship next to the new Riverside Museum. It was a nice evening and we decided to have a look at the river Clyde. As we got to the impressive new museum, now Scotland’s Museum of Transport and Travel, designed by Zaha Hadid, the sun was about to set and we had some great light to photograph the building and the ship. We then went back to the West End and found a pub that had pizza at student prices. A welcome change after the mostly tasty, but rather pricey food we had on the walk.

The next morning we dropped our bags off at the train station and went to the Glasgow School of Arts. We were lucky to get on a tour at midday led by a fourth year student. It is a fascinating building with great attention to detail and we found our visit very inspiring. Before getting on the train back to London at 3.30pm, we had lunch at the Willow Tea Rooms, where the interior design is by Mackintosh. It was of course very touristy but had a pleasant atmosphere and a good range of loose teas. The sun was shining on us all day and we were so impressed with Glasgow and its friendly people that we will definitely be back.


2 thoughts on “A day in Glasgow

  1. I’m very impressed. Would it be a contravention of copyright law if I printed out a couple of the walking pictures to pin on my wall, or used them for my desktop? All those misty mountains and mossy woods are so beautiful. X

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