Library Day in the Life: Day 5 – The (week)end is near

It is day 5 of blogging about my working week as part of the Library Day in the Life project and I am struggling to open my eyes when the alarm goes.

Today is my early day and I am at the enquiry desk at 8.30am to start up the computers and get everything set for the day. Luckily it is the last day of the working week as we are not open at weekends.

ICAEW Business Centre cafe

Most Fridays we have a team meeting from 9 to 10. There isn’t one today so after getting some coffee from our in-house cafe, I use the hour to finish off yesterday’s post and tackle the emails in my inbox.

I speak to someone in the central web publishing team about a HTML issue that has appeared on one of my pages. This eventually ends up in a change in our own web publishing policy so my intervention is not in vain.

An article in last night’s paper mentioned a new report on working women which may fit well onto one of our web pages. It was published by the insurance company Friends Life as part of their Visions of Britain 2020 series. The report is interesting and includes useful statistical information. I decide to print it off to add it to our library collection and add the link to our women in business page. The role of women in business and specifically on company boards is high on the political agenda at the moment. Earlier this year I created a new web page on women in the boardroom and I keep adding more content to it. 

Next week’s rota is circulated and I add reminders for my enquiry shifts to my calendar.

ICAEW LibraryI really need to start looking at the acquisitions manual to prepare for my staff training session this afternoon. I spend until lunch refreshing my Unicorn and acquisitions knowledge and updating a couple of chapters in the manual. This was originally written by my predecessor in the Acquisitions Assistant post and I updated it before I moved into my current role. It probably is the only role in the team that has a dedicated manual because it is so procedures based. I remember being amazed that there was a manual when I first started at the library. My main objective for the afternoon is is to point out how useful it is and to make Megan take ownership of it from the start.

2.30 to 4.30pm
The acquisitions training session goes well and I am very pleased with our progress. The manual does include a whole section of odd pieces of information that will be useful at some stage and we go through these together. It takes me a little while to adjust, but once I get into the swing, a lot of useful hints and tips are coming back to me and Megan is picking them up quickly. We identify a couple of tasks that Megan can concentrate on next week when there is time for acquisitions work in her induction schedule.

It is a good end to a busy week and I look forward to some rest over the weekend.


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