Library Day in the Life: Day 2 – A bit of everything

This is the second day I am recording as part of the Library Day in the Life project.

ICAEW Library bookshelves9am
I spend some time selecting images for yesterday’s post. There are some images of Chartered Accountants’ Hall on our intranet and on Flickr, but in the end I use images from our own library archive. I email a link to yesterday’s post to the team to get some feedback on style and content.

I go through my emails and follow up on a couple of things whilst still getting used to the new Windows 7 desktop.
We have all been asked to become product champions for one of the electronic resources the library subscribes to. On Friday we were asked about our progress as we recently started setting some time aside for database training. I haven’t spent much time on it yet. My database is FAME (Financial Analysis Made Easy), a complex company information database. The publisher Bureau van Dijk has recently rolled out a new interface which we need to start using before the old one is no longer available. I respond to the email and schedule some time for more FAME training tomorrow.

I follow up on one of the PWC documents I found yesterday in response to an enquiry on the German Commercial Code. Yesterday I only found a German version of the document and I search for an English language version. There does not seem to be one so we agree to link to the German version from our web page on accounting in Germany but not to print it out to add to the library collection. Until lunch I try to catch up on some professional reading.

I am scheduled on the enquiry desk for an hour. My first task is to find out how we can access a journal article published in 1998 in a financial journal. We do not have electronic access and as it is not a major journal, our print run only goes back ten years. The journal is in the British Library but they have no permission to copy from it. I phone the City Business Library who don’t hold the journal at all. My next thought is to check Copac for any academic library holdings. The Bodleian Library in Oxford, Cambridge University Library and the National Libraries of Scotland and Wales seem to have holdings going back that far. At the moment we will just let our member know that we can’t supply the article from our library and offer the option to request a copy from one of these libraries. We will give an estimate of the charges involved in this and see if the member wants us to go ahead.

After that I deal with some members paying for printing from our public computers, am asked if there are any restrictions to web browsing from our PCs and help another member find back issues of Taxation journal. He didn’t realise that these are kept behind the current issue.

This afternoon I am the backup for the enquiry desk. This means monitoring the volume of logged enquiries, dealing with enquiries myself if the number gets too high or even calling in other team members if necessary. The book cover by Elizabeth Shaw from Lothar Kusche 'Quer durch England in anderthalb Stunden' Aufbau-Verlag 1964smooth running of the enquiry service is our highest priority. We use a client relationship management (CRM) programme to record our enquiries and everyone can access this from their desktop. There is an administration issue that needs looking at. We have quite a few enquiries in our inbox so I deal with some straight forward ones. I decide to call another three colleagues in to help out whilst I go back to the enquiry desk to cover my colleagues’ breaks.

Back at my desk I contact the IT department to check on progress of yesterday’s web publishing issue and finish another couple of straight forward enquiries before it is time to go home.


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