Cpd 23: Thing 2 – Investigate some other blogs

I have spent a bit of time looking at some of the other blogs. I started by looking through the alphabetical list on the cpd23 site which only lists the blog titles. I randomly clicked on some of those with a more interesting or unusual title. By the time I got to letter G I still felt that I hadn’t really found anyone who particularly interested me or seemed to have much in common with me.

As there are now over 800 cpd23 participants I decided to look at the delicious list instead which includes tags for each blog. Here are some of  my early impressions:

  • Sabine’s 23 Thing
    Being originally from Germany, I looked at the only blog currently tagged with Germany. It turns out that it is written by a librarian from the University Library in Bremen which is where I studied for five years and had my first library job!
    I like the very clean layout and the use of bullet points which makes it much easier to read the posts and is used well to emphasise Sabine’s main points. I particularly like the use of photographs at the end of each post and recognise some of the locations. I commented early on and had a response.
  • The Gatekeeper of Knowledge by Jennifer R. Whicker
    I found the title quite intriguing. Jennifer is using her blog to keep a log of enquiries she is dealing with at the enquiry desk. Last year I went through six months of enquiry desk training and kept a spreadsheet of interesting questions and the answers I came up with. It had not occurred to me to do this in a public blog. Jennifer’s blog has not just been set up for the 23 Things project. There are six tabs, including her library school assignments, CV and an overview of current responsibilities and projects. I have now left a comment and subscribed to the blog.
  • Dots & Loops
    This is my colleague’s blog. We both work in our library’s web team with the difference that I also work on the enquiry desk  and am therefore not spending the whole day at my own desk. My colleague is great at finding and using new tools. I’ll keep an eye on what she is up to on her blog and wonder when I’ll ever find the time to try out some of the clever things suggested on there.
  • Libraries, the Universe and Everything
    I stumbled across Emma Davidson’s blog by following the learned society/professional body tag on delicious. What I really like is that Emma is able to keep her posts very short! I am also impressed by her “personally-imposed limit of 100 [blog] subscriptions” which has led to a lot of people commenting on the number of blogs they subscribe to. I am still very hesitant to subscribe to too many blogs as I don’t want to be overwhelmed by new posts, updates and comments. One of the respondent on Emma’s post mentions that she has been put off by “the sheer volume and effort of keeping up” with Twitter.
  • Womensoccer
    German women’s football blog that I regularly read and sometimes comment on. I subscribe via Facebook and have been enjoying the very good coverage of the World Cup. Until now this was about the only blog I follow regularly, although there are times when I visit more regularly than others. I value the comments as much as the actual articles so wouldn’t want to reduce this my subscribing in an RSS reader.

Until now I haven’t really interacted with many people about the cpd23 process. Most of the blogs don’t seem to have an option to subscribe by email. I hear from my colleague that a lot of discussion is happening on Twitter. I am not on Twitter and have no intention on changing that for this project. So I will try and find other ways to stay in touch. Looking forward to the RSS Thing.

What else has happened in my blogosphere:

  • I have changed my blog’s visibility from private to public.
  • I have emailed the cpd23 organisers to add the categories corporate/business and Germany to my delicious listing. I initially ticked learned society/professional body when I registered my blog.
  • I have also asked for the tagline “Just another WordPress blog” to be removed from the list. It was part of the default settings. I have recently removed it and may add my own tagline at some point.
  • I am too tired to find a picture to add.

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