cpd23: Thing 1 – How do I look?

I am still getting used to the options and features of the WordPress blog. I am using the Twenty Eleven theme because I like its bright look and the header image.

As previously mentioned, I had another WordPress blog before and because of that I wasn’t able to create a new WordPress account registered with my email address.

I was in a bit of a rush when I first set this blog up. My minimum objective at the time was to publish my first post and to use one of my own pictures in the header. By default the theme actually showed rotating header images which in time I would like to do with some of my own pictures.

It took me some time to figure out how to hide the old blog and how to switch between the two blogs in the admin mode. I have changed the colour of my blog title to a dark blue and added a light blue background just to try out some of the other features. The background colour seems to add a frame around the main section rather than change the actual background.

I have added some widgets to the sidebar so that you can see my gravatar, subscribe to my blog and see the most recent posts. For the moment I decided not to use a tag cloud as I have used very few tags. I may change this as I go along.

Another thing I need to figure out is how not to start almost every sentence with “I”?


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