cpd23: Thing 1 – My objectives

Better late than never…

This blog has been set up to follow the cpd23 programme which a colleague told me about. I often think that I SHOULD look into this tool or that website for my professional development, but I never seem to make time for it.

I set up a WordPress blog when I wote my MA dissertation in 2007 but then felt that I didn’t really had that much to say. I also found it rather strange to write something that is technically available to everyone, but actually may not be read by anyone. I stopped after about a week and only discovered now, four years later, that this early attempt was still live.

Throughout this process I look forward to

  • discover and explore a variety of social media tools and blogs
  • think how I could use some of these in my professional and personal life
  • share and discuss my experiences with others, whether they are blog novices or veterans
  • reflect on my learning process
  • use some of my photographs online

My short term goal is to catch up with everyone else on the programme. Good job I completed the third session with my running coach this morning, who is helping me to improve my running technique.


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